Hoang Hau shellfish is one of the most popular fresh seafood at Qua Ngon Restaurant.

Raw materials:

– 1 Hoang Hau shellfish
– Spring onion: 100 grams
– Oil: 50 grams
– Spices: salt, sugar, pepper, monosodium glutamate.

Hoang Hau shellfish


Step 1: Boil shellfish then cut it into slices or threads. Keep its shell and grill it over burning coal so that it is hot and aromatic.

Step 2: Souse shellfish with spring onion oil. Wait until it is boiling and aromatic, take the shellfish out and dust a little roasted peanut on it. Eat it with sour and sweet fish sauce.

Note: When cooking Hoang Hau shellfish, you should remove the blackish brown liver of it because it is very bitter. If you do not remove it completely, your shellfish will be bitter and not delicious.

Making spring onion oil:

Keep the root of spring onion and slice it. Add a little salt, monosodium glutamate and mix them evenly. Boil oil till it is hot (but do not make it burnt) then pour it into spring onion. This method will help keep the green and aroma of spring onion. If you put spring onion into the pan of oil, it will be burnt and turn into brownish yellow.

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