Eel can be compared with other special food such as lobster, scallop, etc. It is a kind of catfish with greasy, sweet, tender, aromatic and also nutritious meat. Especially, it is good for people suffering back pain or bone and joint diseases.

+ Eel grilled with chili salt:
–   1 eel
–    Horn chilies: 50 grams
–    Vietnamese chilies: 10 grams
–    Garlic: 50 grams
–    Purple onions: 50 grams
–    Spices: seasoning, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, chili sauce, sauce for grilling, caramel.

Eel grilled with chili salt

Step 1: Clean fish, cut it into slices, aromatize it with a little pepper, fish sauce, and monosodium glutamate to get rid of fish stink.

Chili salt sauce: Put horn chilies + Vietnamese chilies + garlic + small pieces of purple onions into a stone mortar and crush them. Mix them with 1 soup-spoon of seasoning, 1 soup-spoon of monosodium glutamate, 1 soup-spoon of chili sauce, 2 soup-spoon of caramel, 1 soup-spoon of sauce for grilling.

Step 2: Grill fish over hot coal till it smells then cover 2 sides of fish with chili salt sauce and grill it again till it is dry and yellow. Eat fish with Vietnamese mint, salad, cucumber, spearmint.

Eel grilled

Note: Caramel helps grilled fish have natural yellow without using food coloring or chemical.

Making caramel: Pour 1 soup-spoon of oil into a pan. When it is hot, put 3 soup-spoon of sugar into it and boil over low fire till sugar turn into brownish yellow. Add 1 sopu-spoon of water and cook till it boils again.

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