Eel is one the most popular fish at many restaurants. With great cooking, “Eel stewed with citronella” at Qua Ngon Restaurant is not stinky but has the good smell of citronella and spiciness of chilies which creates an attractive taste!


Raw materials:
–    Citronella: 300 grams
–    Peanut: 50 grams
–    Onions: 50 grams
–    Ginger: 50 grams
–    2 Vietnamese chilies
–    ½ of horn chili
–    White turnips: 300 grams
–    Carrots: 200 grams
–    2 smooth luffas
–    1 bunch of basella alba
–    Mushrooms: 50 grams
–    Spices: seasoning, salt, monosodium glutamate.

Eel stewed with citronella

Step 1: Boil peanut. Swat citronella, peel garlic, grill ginger then peel it, cut white turnips into small edible pieces, peel smooth luffas using for hotpot. Remove the root of mushrooms then boil them and steep them in cold water to keep them white.

Step 2: Clean fish then cut them into slices. Stew citronella, turnip, ginger, horn chilies, swatted Vietnamese chilies, peanut, garlic with 2 liters of water.

Step 3: Put fish into the pot and continue to boil till it is cooked then flavor it again. It is served with mushrooms, basella alba, smooth luffas – about family’s meal, it can also be served with fresh vermicelli or Chinese vermicelli.

Tip: Good eel is fresh, firm, and white. You should remove fish mucus and put 2 tea leaves into the stew so that it is not stinky.

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