The qualities of toughness, crispiness, and sweetness of geoduck which there is no type of shellfish can compare with may be the reason for customers to find them. Below is the recipe shared Qua Ngon Restaurant with the hope that customers can also make geoduck salad as deliciously as our restaurant.

Geoduck salad

Raw materials:

–         1 geoduck

–         2 onions

–         1 carrot

–         2 chilies

–         Coriander, spearmint, cilantro, torrefied seasame

–         Spices: mayonnaise sauce, lemon, salt, sugar, seasoning, chili sauce.

Geoduck salad


Step 1: Dip geoduck into hot water then remove its cover, clean it and cut it into small edible pieces. After that, steep them in boiling water then cold water with ice cubes to make them crispier.

Step 2: Slice onion vertically. Cut chilies and carrot into threads. Sauce for making salad incudes:

–         1 soup-spoon of mayonnaise sauce

–         2 soup-spoon of sugar

–         2 spoon of lemon juice

–         1 coffee-spoon of chili sauce

Step 3: Mix onion + cilantro + spearmint + chilies + carrots with ½ of salad sauce evenly. After that, decant water from it and continue to mix them again with geoduck and the rest salad sauce. Put them on a plate, dust a little torrefied sesame, and put a little coriander on the surface.

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