Squid fried with fish sauce is one of the most popular and easy to cook seafood dishes. Especially after eating, the wonderful taste of squid fried with fish sauce will bring you an unforgettable feeling. Below is the formula of cooking this great squid fried with fish sauce.

Raw materials:

–         200 grams of squid

–         2 soup-spoons of fish sauce

–         1 coffee-spoon of monosodium glutamate

–         2 soup-spoon of chili sauce

–         Oil for frying

–         Carrots

–         Coriander for displaying

Squid fried with fish sauce


Step 1: Clean squid, remove the inside part and teeth of it, and split its eyes to remove the ink sac. Wash it again, and leave to drain, then cut vertical lines on its body.

Step 2: Put the pan of oil on the stove, deep-fry squid over medium heat. When squid is cooked and yellow, take it out and use tissue to absorb oil. Cut it into small edible pieces.

Step 3: Making fish sauce with fish sauce, sugar, chili sauce, pepper and a little monosodium glutamate.

Step 4: Decant an amount of oil from the pan, put squid in the pan again and pour fish sauce into it. Shake the pan evenly and turn off the stove when squid and fish sauce mingled well with each other.

Adding a little onion and spring onion will make the dish more attractive. Put squid on the plate and displaying with carrots and coriander. So you have a delicious dish for your family and relatives.


When frying food, you should fry some small pieces of potatoes so that oil will not turn black. Squid will have beautiful color if it is shaken with a little fish sauce after being fried. Eating this dish with chili sauce when it is still hot is very delicious.

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