Well-done grilled fresh squid with the yellow, crispy and rough outside and the soft, aromatic inside mingles with sour and spicy sauce is wonderful. At a nice weekend, if you “create” this dish and serve it with iced beer, everyone will be very excited.

Raw materials:

–         1 oval squid

–         Carrots cut into tiny cubes: 1 spoon

–         Ketchup: 1 spoon

–         Fish sauce, salt, sugar, vinegar

–         Chilies, crushed garlic, sliced spring onion, sauce for grilled meat, oyster sauce, oil.

Cooked squid


Step 1: Clean squid, remove its head, the inside part and the membrane outside. Massage squid with vinegar so as to get rid of the stink and mucus. Put the squid in big bowl or plate; pour sauce for grilled meat into it. Use the spoon to souse squid with the sauce so that it absorbs the sauce well.

Step 2: Place squid in the oven and grill in 10 minutes at 190oC.

Fresh squid grilled with sour and spicy sauce

Step 3: During the time of grilling squid, you can prepare the sauce:

– Put the pan on the stove; heat a spoon of oil in the pan to fry garlic and chilies, and add 1 spoon of fish sauce, 1 spoon of ketchup, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, 1 small spoon of sugar, ½ spoon of salt, 1 spoon of vinegar and a ½ bowl of water.

– When the sauces is boiling, turn down the stove, and continue to boil so as to melt all the spices, then flavor it so that it is sour, spicy and sweet.

– Add carrots cut into tiny cubes into the sauce to make it more colorful. Add a little corn meal or cassava powder and 1 small spoon of sesame. The sauce is good when being viscid.

Step 4: Take cooked squid out of the oven, cut it into rings. Put lettuce on the plate, then squid and finally coriander; then pour sauce on them and eat when it is still hot.

Grilled fresh squid


Remember to cut squid after grilling because if you cut it before grilling, it will be shrunk and not nice. You can add a little sliced spring onion to make it more aromatic and beautiful.

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