Qua Ngon restaurant – Nowadays, living standard is increasing rapidly in the trend toward integration and globalization. Therefore, the need to feed and clothe properly has developed into a higher stage: eating delicious food, wearing good clothes. Vietnamese’s demand is higher and higher in every aspect of not only form but also quality, especially in eating and drinking. With 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam has a diversified and unique culinary culture.

However, as we have known, hygiene condition in cooking – food safety is very complicated. Many disclosed cases of food poisoning, cooking without making certain about quality and hygiene, and using raw materials without knowing the origin and censoring which are transported, traded and consuming everywhere which we know from news are only a little “part of the surface”. That really rises up legitimate worry to consumers’ health.

Qua Ngon Restaurant

Ms. Vo Thi Hang Thinh, a successful businesswoman in Sai Gon, who has traveled to many places to learn about cuisine of the countries in the world said that: “I realize that every country has its own diversified and special cuisine. For example, Chinese cuisine emphasizes on cooking sophisticatedly and stewing food well to make nutritious dishes, whereas Japanese choose the criterion of decorating food in an eye-catching, attractive and clean way, and Vietnamese emphasize on mixing spices to make appetizing meals. Why don’t we combine these three components? Not only being delicious but also guarantee for absolute hygiene and food safety can only be called cuisine of rank.” – She affirmed.

Party at Qua Ngon Restaurant

And that is the reason for the establishment of Qua Ngon restaurant on 27 October 2009. With the diversified menu of seafood, special and folk dishes, clear and obvious service style, delicious food, beautiful view and reasonable prices, Qua Ngon is considered one of the most famous cuisine brand names in Sai Gon. One more thing to be mentioned is that customers come here can completely feel secure because the restaurant cooks food with “No recycled oil and artificial coloring, fresh food only, absolute food safety”.

“I hope that in the situation of eating and drinking service activities chaotic and hard to control nowadays, this will be the standard restaurant operation model of serving delicious food and guaranteeing customers’ health.” – Ms. Thinh shared.

Qua Ngon Restaurant

Address: 306 – 308 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 1, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Specializing in serving Seafood – Special dishes – Folk dishes

“The best highland pig roasted in jar”

Telephone: (08) 3 9918 964 (5 lines)

Consultancy & Reservation: 0906.79.79.32

Email: lienhe@nhahangquangon.com

Website: https://www.nhahangquangon.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QuaNgon