Attractive fresh exotic stonefish at Qua Ngon Restaurant

Hearing the name “fresh exotic stonefish”, anyone can imagine a ugly and fierce fish. In fact, the fish has an unfriendly appearance with rough harsh, face, moldy skin color and pointed thrones on the back. Surprisingly, as a result of natural balance, under the ugly and rough skin is a soft white body that no one can imagine. The ugly outside is bitter and acrid, while the inside is sweet and delicious. If you can enjoy “Unicorn steamed fresh exotic stonefish” once, you will never forget its delicious taste.


“Unicorn steamed fresh exotic stonefish” – Seafood of Qua Ngon Restaurant.

Raw materials:

  • Pork bologna: 50 grams
  • Smoked bacon: 50 grams
  • Ham: 50 grams
  • Soy sauce: 10 grams
  • Oyster sauce: 20 grams
  • Small spring onion: 300 grams

 Stonefish in Qua Ngon Restaurant


Step 1: Peeling fish’s skin, cleaning it then aromatizing it with soy sauce.

Step 2: Adding a little of pepper, monosodium glutamate then steaming it quickly.

Step 3: Frying pork bologna, smoked bacon, ham and purple onion then putting them on the fish and continuing to steam them till they are well done.


Eating the dish with small spring onion cut into threads and vermicelli when it is still hot is wonderful!

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