Located in Le Van Sy Street (Ho Chi Minh City), Qua Ngon restaurant has the diversified menu of over 500 seafood, special, and folk dishes which are cooked with typical taste of every area by the famous chief staff. Customers can freely choose and enjoy the dishes in a space close to nature.

There are variable types of seafood caught alive from lake like: sturgeon, salmon, exotic stonefish, crab full of fat, lobster, crayfish, mantis shrimp, slipper lobster, Hong Kong crab fried with salt, etc. and special dishes, finger foods such as: gecko grilled with salt and chili, highland pig cooked with bamboo shoot, highland pig grilled with galingale and ferment, false weasel meat dish prepared with grilled suckling pig, tortoise cooked with banana, mantis shrimp fried with salted duck egg, Qua Ngon mushroom hotpot, etc. Moreover, there are Vietnamese dishes such as: pancake folded in half, rice fried with salty fish, garden chicken roasted in jar and fried steamed glutinous rice, La Vong fried fish, etc.

Nhà hàng Quá Ngon

With the capacity of over 500 people and many big and small VIP rooms, Qua Ngon restaurant will be a place to meet partners or organize meetings, parties, etc. Because of “Delicious food – Beautiful view – Reasonable prices”, Qua Ngon restaurant is a “familiar-date-and-feast” address of the gourmets

Qua Ngon Restaurant

Address: 306 – 308 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 1, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Specializing in serving Seafood – Special dishes – Folk dishes

“The best highland pig roasted in jar”

Telephone: (08) 3 9918 964 (5 lines)

Consultancy & Reservation: 0906.79.79.32

Email: lienhe@nhahangquangon.com

Website: https://www.nhahangquangon.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QuaNgon