In the recent years, seafood has become a preferable dish for gatherings, reunions of family and relatives. Seafood restaurants compete with one another to spring up on many streets. However, the origin and variety of seafood types can only be guaranteed by several high-quality restaurants.

Qua Ngon Restaurant is one of a small number of famous seafood restaurants which are considered the foremost to customers. With the diversified seafood menu, customers have the chance to enjoy the delicious and strange taste of unique seafood caught alive from lake to keep the original freshness, such as sturgeons, grouper, big clam, exotic stonefish, crab full of fat, lobster, crayfish, mantis shrimp, slipper lobster, yellow Hemibagrus, Geoduck, etc., which become special, nutritious, and hygienic dishes through meticulous cooking of chief masters.

Grouper fish

In addition, Qua Ngon restaurant undertakes to carry out the service principle: “No recycled oil and artificial coloring; Fresh food only; Absolute food safety”, which helps customers feel secure when they enjoy cuisine here. Eye-catching and nice display of fresh seafood cooked with harmonious natural spices will endear the most fastidious customers when they first visit.

Yellow Lentil fish

You will feel the dishes here deserve the money you have to pay. With clear and obvious business style, and thoughtful service of the staff, it is certain that this will be one of the most impressive seafood cuisine addresses you have ever come to.



Heliotrope - Snail

Qua Ngon Restaurant

Address: 306 – 308 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 1, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Specializing in serving Seafood – Special dishes – Folk dishes

“The best highland pig roasted in jar”

Telephone: (08) 3 9918 964 (5 lines)

Consultancy & Reservation: 0906.79.79.32