Sour and sweet torrefied anchovy attracts eaters with the first piece because of attractive smell of fried onion, spiciness of chili, hotness of pepper powder, and toughness and strong sweetness of dried fish. The dish served with hot cooked rice, cucumber and other kinds of vegetables is very delicious and strange.

In the raining sunsets of Sai Gon, gathering with close friends to chatting is so interesting, or eating hot meal with family will help you feel relaxed after the rain. To cook this dish, it does not need much time or skills in cooking. The housewife just needs to be a little clever to cook this delicious rural but moreish dish for her family.

Dried anchovy

Raw materials:

–         Dried anchovies: 100 grams

–         Dried onions, oil

–         High-quality fish sauce, (fresh or dried) chilies, lemon juice (or vinegar), sugar, pepper powder, chili sauce.


Step 1: Wash dried anchovies to remove sand and soil. When fish are risen and soft, wash them again with warm water, then leave them to drain.

Step 2: Make sour and sweet fish sauce: high-quality fish sauce, sugar, lemon juice (or vinegar), chilies. Stir evenly the mixture to dissolve sugar. Swat dried onions and fried them, then put fish which have just been steeped in the pan and stir evenly over high heat. When fish are dried and aromatic, pour sour and sweet fish sauce into the pan, and stir evenly over low heat so that fish can absorb it.

Step 3: When fish sauce is viscid and mingled with fish, which makes dried fish sour, sweet, and delicious, you succeed in cooking this dish. Then turn the stove off, put fish on a plate, display with coriander and dust pepper powder on the surface. This dish is served with hot cooked rice.

Tip: Fresh anchovies with milky white are good ones.


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