Red goby braised with pepper served with hot cooked rice, which has the salty, aromatic and greasy taste of goby combined with spiciness of pepper, is not a luxurious delicacy, but it warms the heart of the expatriates living in foreign country. This is really a delicious, simple but meaningful dish.

Raw materials:

–         Red goby: 300 grams

–         Coconut water: 1 coconut

–         Spring onion, fish sauce, chili sauce, chili.

Goby braised with pepper


Step 1: Remove the fins of gobies, wash and leave them to drain. Aromatize them with white part of spring onion, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, oil, seasoning, a little chili and salt so that fish are firm and clear.

Step 2: Let fish absorb spices in 10 minutes. Put the pan on the stove; add 1 soup-spoon of oil and 5 coffee-spoons of sugar to make caramel.

Step 3: Put fish into the pan, and turn them over so that they are shrunk and have the color of caramel. When fish are shrunk, pour coconut water and water of spices used to aromatized fish into the pan. Flavor the fish again with a little fish sauce, pepper and sugar.

Step 4: Decrease the heat and turn fish over so that they absorb spices evenly. Spoon fish into a big bowl and heat it. After that, dust a little pepper on the surface and serve the dish with cooked rice and sour soup or winged yam soup.

Red goby

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