Red tailed catfish is neutral in term of medical property, sweet, and diuretic. Its meat is soft, delicious, and nutritious, and has little bones. Red tailed catfish eat live bait, tiny shrimp or fish and plankton. When hiding in caves, they usually eat sea-weed sticking to the cliff.

Asian red tailed catfish

That is the reason why its meat is firm, delicious and sweet. Red tailed catfish has become valuable and rare special food. If fishermen catch red tailed catfish, they will leave it for their parents or guests of honor. Its meat is delicious, so every dish made from red tailed catfish is also delicious and unique.

Delicious red tail catfish dish

Red tailed catfish has high economic value because it is delicious, aromatic, rich in nutrients and omega 3 fatty acid, and has little bones. Therefore, housewives like using them to steam with lemon leaves, grill with citronella, fry, cook in porridge (using fish head), make grilled fish pie, dry-braise, cook sour soup with sour-soup creeper, braise with pineapple, etc., especially red tailed catfish hot pot which makes everyone dote on.

Red tailed catfish sour hot pot is similar to sour soup of the Western region, but it tastes less sour and sweet. Red tailed catfish hot pot with fermented bamboo shoots is a simple delicious dish with the sourness and sweetness which easily wins everybody’s heart. Gathering around the hot and attractive red tailed catfish hot pot with relatives and friends is more than wonderful.

Red tailed catfish seafood

The clearest strong point of cooking red tailed catfish is that it is aromatized with the spices like: onion, fish sauce, salt and pepper, saffron juice; therefore, when being cooked, the fish is not crushed but firm, sweet, and absorbs the spices very well. The dish is extremely delicious which no dish can compare with. We can also cut diagonal lines along the fish body, add spices like spring onion, Northern pepper, saffron juice and steam it with sour vegetables and tomatoes. When displaying it on the plate, put a little dill and coriander on the surface. The dish is interesting and excessively delicious when being served with cooked rice. No one can forget this delicious dish when they first eat it. Truly, “Good food as well as spanking, both are worth remembering”.

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