Cooking tips – Processing meat is an important step in cooking. You have to process rightly so as to keep nutrients in meat and its “true” taste when being cooked. Qua Ngon restaurant will introduce to you some tips below:

The following are some cooking tips to cook delicious and attractive beef and pork:

– Beef:

Fried dishes: You should use fillet or beef tenderloin to fry so that it is soft but not tough.

Stewed dishes (stewed beef, beef cooked in beer, etc.): You should choose meat with tendon or tendon like beef shank, tendon, beef tail, beef thigh, etc. to have a delicious dish. When cooking this food, you can add some materials like garlic, ginger, cinnamon, clove, so that the dish is more aromatic, not greasy, and nutritious.

Grilled dishes: You should use fillet or brisket with a little fat so that beef will be more delicious.

Cook beef

– Pork:

+ Pork shoulder: is suitable for boiling, cutting into slices or threads to mix with vegetables, stir-frying with noodles because it is soft and has little fat.

+ Pork front thigh: is used to boil as a whole for worship or banquet. You can also boil and cut it into slices to roll in rice paper.

+ Pig’s trotter: is used to stew with vegetables like papaya, and lotus tubers. You can also use it to cook soup, rice vermicelli, porridge, etc.

+ Pork back fat: is used to make pork scratchings, liquid fat for spring onion oil or cook with braised meat, braised fish, etc.

+ Pork tenderloin: is suitable for cooking the dishes for children and old people because it is soft and has little fat.

+ Pork rip: is most delicious when being grilled. Moreover, it can also be used to stew, fry, or braise.

+ Bacon: can be used to cook many different dishes such as deep-fried, Chinese braised or sir-fried dishes.

+ Pork back thigh: is indispensable in Chinese braised pork, or pork braised with bamboo shoots, pork noodles, pork jelly, boiling, etc. However, grilling is the best method to keep typical taste of meat and stimulate sense of smell.

Cook pork

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