Cooking tips – If you want to have a delicious and attractive stew for your family and relatives, below is the recipe you can believe and follow to carry out your desire in the best way. The following are some cooking tips to make delicious and attractive stew:

1. Choose the meat with tendon and cartilage or pretty firm meat to stew so that it will be soft, firm, and sweet after being cooked. If you use soft meat, it will fall into pieces and mix into the soup.

2. You should remove fat from the meat if you do not want your stew to have an oily film on the surface. In the stew, pieces of meat should not be too big; 3-to-4-centimeter square pieces of are fine.

Delicious stew

3. You can add some more raw materials like potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, green pepper, or celery in order to increase flavor and nutrients for your stew.

4. The amount of water of the stew should be sufficient to reach the surface of meat. If it is too much, your stew will be loose; whereas if there is too little water, the stew will become braised dish or burnt.

5. A good stew is the stew with thick and viscid water. If meat is cooked and soft before water is thickened, you can decant water into another pot, then add a little cassava flour or corn meal and cook it with low fire till it is boiling and thickening. Then you boil it in 5 more minutes and pour it back into the stew.

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