Cooking tips – To have greatly delicious chilli vinegar which everyone has to compliment, you should follow the formula below. You will have chilli vinegar as your expectation for your family and relatives.

Below are some cooking tips to have good chilli vinegar:

1. Choosing and processing chilli

– To making chilli vinegar, you should choose fresh chillies which still have the stems, smooth skin and are undamaged.

– Clean chillies, wash them with diluted salt water, leave them to drain in a basket, and then place them in glass jar.

– Depending on your needs, you can keep the whole chilli, slice or grind them.

Make chili vinegar

2. Glass jar

– Glass jar should be clean and dry for steeping chillies. When steeping the whole chilli, you should put them carefully in the jar so that (chillies are not crushed) water will be clear and nice.

Good chili vinegar

3. Vinegar

– Home-made vinegar is the best for steeping chillies. Cook vinegar with sugar (500 grams of sugar per litter of vinegar) and leave it to cool. Pour sugar water into the glass jar, and steep chillies in from 3 to 5 days then you can use it.

– Depending on your taste (liking sour or sweet), you can adjust the amount of vinegar and sugar.

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