Cooking tips – To cook an appetizing meal for family, many people usually pay attention on the dishes and forget that rice is also an important component which needs to be noticed. The following are some simple method helping you cook rice better and “treat” rice’s “diseases”.

Here are some cooking tips to cook delicious meals:

1. Using boiled water to cook rice

Using boiled water to cook rice is the most scientific method because the amount of vitamin B1 will not be lost, which guarantee quality and deliciousness of rice.

2. Using tea water to cook rice is helpful for digesting

When we cook rice with tea water, it is not only aromatic, strange in color, but also helpful for digesting.


Steep 0.5 – 0.7 grams of tea leaves in 1 kilograms of boiled water in 5 – 8 minutes. Use cheesecloth to filter out tea greds, then use the filter tea water to cook washed rice as usual and wait for rice to be well done. However, we adjust the amount of tea water depending on the amount of rice.

3. Rice taste when adding oil

When we cook rice, if we drip several drops of oil or animal fat into rice, it will be not aromatic, scattered, well done, and the pot will not be carbonized.

Cooking rice

4. Using vinegar to cook rice

When we cook rice in the summer, adding 2 – 3 milliliters of vinegar or lemon juice into 1,5 kilograms of rice will make cooked rice white and difficult to gone off or be sour.

5. Calcium rice

Clean egg shells then roast and grind them to dust. Add a little egg shell powder to washed rice and cook as usual to have “calcium rice”. The dish is good for both normal people and those who lack of calcium.

6. How to save electricity when using electric cooker

When using electric cooker to cook rice, we should steep rice in water for a while before cooking then use boiled water to cook so that we can have aromatic and delicious cooked rice, and save electricity.

7. How to steam old rice

When steaming rice, we should not mix old and new rice but steam it separately.

Method: Use water to steam rice as other dishes, but notice that we should add a little salt (depending on the amount of rice) into water used to steam rice so that they are as delicious as rice which has just been cooked.

8. To cook rice, porridge without overflow

Cooking porridge:

When cooking porridge, if we do not notice, porridge will overflow easily. If we add some drops of sesame oil, and after it is boiled we continue boiling with medium fire, porridge will never overflow although it is boiling. Moreover, we also need to sift rice well and put it in the pot when water is warm (the temperature is about 50 – 60oC) so that we can avoid overflow of porridge.

Cooking rice:

Some electric cooker can still make water overflow when cooking rice. To repair this situation, we should wash rice 3 hours before cooking and steep it in a moderate amount of water. After that, when we cook rice, water will not overflow.

9. Using wine to process undercooked rice

Scatter undercooked rice, follow the rate of 500 grams of rice : 50 grams of wine, use wine to boil undercooked rice with low fire until wine evaporates. Then rice will not be undercooked anymore as well as not have the smell of wine.

10. Some ways process overcooked rice smell

–         Pour cold water into a bowl, then put the bowl in the pot of overcooked rice and press it down till the mouth of bowl is as high as the pot. After 1 – 2 minutes, overcooked rice smell will disappear.

–         When smelling the overcooked rice smell, immediately, put the pot of rice into cold water which is 3 – 6 centimeters deep, or put it on the ground covered with cold water. After about 3 minutes, overcooked rice smell will disappear.

–         We can put a burning clod of charcoal in a bowl and put it in the pot of rice, and cover it tightly. After 10 minutes, take the cover off, then overcooked rice smell will disappear.

–         Put on the surface of rice a piece of bread peel, and put the lid on right away. 5 minutes later, bread peel will absorb the overcooked smell of rice.

11. Should not place rice with fruit

Do not place rice and fruit together. If we place rice and fruit together, fruit will be withered, and rice will absorb water in fruit and become mouldy.

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