Cooking tips Fresh bamboo shoots are the popular food which is use to stir-fry, cook with soup, serve with rice vermicelli, rice noodle, etc. But fresh bamboo shoots which have just been picked have bitter taste and poison which need to be disposed of before being cooking so as to guarantee safety and deliciousness.

Fresh bamboo shoots

The following are some cooking tips helping you eliminate bitter taste and poison of bamboo shoots:

Method 1:

Put fresh bamboo shoots without removing peel tidily in a pot. Add some chilies whose seeds are removed and pour rice water into the pot. Boil them with medium fire until bamboo shoots are soft. Wait until bamboo shoots are cool, peel them and wash several times with clean water. Then bamboo shoots are not bitter anymore and can be cooked.

Method 2:

Fresh bamboo shoots which have just been picked should be peeled and boiled many times and washed with clean water. When bamboo shoots are soft, the bitter taste also disappears and we can cook them.

Method 3:

Peel fresh bamboo shoots, slice them, then boil them with katuk leaves. When bamboo shoots are well done, decant hot water from the pot, pour cold water into it and pick katuk leaves out. Wash bamboo shoots once more, then we can use them to cook.

Method 4:

Peel fresh bamboo shoots and boil them several times. After that, steep them in rice water in 2 days (change rice water twice a day) then we can use them.

Method 5:

Peel fresh bamboo shoots, remove sand and soil, and process them depending on the types of bamboo shoots which have much or little poison, normal or bitter type of bamboo shoots. We can cut them into slices or threads and steep them over a night so as to reduce poison, then wash them before cooking.

Method 6:

Poisonous or bitter bamboo shoots should be steeped in lime water and boiled many times until water is clear, then they can be used to cook. When boiling, we should not put the lid on so that poison can evaporate.

These cooking tips will help your family have good dishes from bamboo shoots. You can feel secure using them because bitter taste and poison of fresh bamboo shoots are removed. To enjoy dishes cooked from truly good bamboo shoot, come to Qua Ngon restaurant in Le Van Sy Street, Tan Binh District.

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