Because life is getting busier these days, not many families can gather together, especially for picnics or travels to the sea, to enjoy delicious dishes and strange, new and attractive fresh seafood.

In the recent years, seafood is becoming favorite food of family and relatives reunions, or gatherings. Dining bars and seafood restaurants compete with each other to rise in every streets. However, the origin as well as diversity of seafood types can only be guaranteed by a few high-quality restaurants.


Catching the mentality of desiring to eat delicious food, especially strange and new fresh seafood, without spending much time to commute as well as paying too much money, Qua Ngon restaurant have many kinds of fresh and attractive seafood like shrimp, crab, shellfish, cuttlefish, etc. and unique, strange and new ones such as Geoduck, live coral grouper, yellow Hemibagrus, sea fish, river fish, stream fish, etc., in which there are ones over 10 kilograms in weight caught alive from the lake, which customers can freely choose.

The remarkable point of Qua Ngon seafood restaurant is grilled seafood, the grilled dishes here are nearly original or aromatized with natural spices. With their talent and skillful grilling methods, the chefs increase the sweetness, aroma and taste of seafood. “There is nothing more relaxing and comfortable than enjoying delicious food in a beautiful and cool scene.” – That is the comments of most of the customers visiting this address.

Seafood dishes

With the principle: “No recycled oil and artificial coloring; Fresh food only; Absolute food safety” and clear and obvious business style, Qua Ngon restaurant wins customers’ hearts and attracts many gourmets.

Qua Ngon Restaurant

Address: 306 – 308 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 1, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Specializing in serving Seafood – Special dishes – Folk dishes

“The First highland pig roasted in jar and chopped on flat winnowing basket”

Telephone: (08) 3 9918 964 (5 lines)

Consultancy & Reservation: 0906.79.79.32