Because seafood has an uneasy stink, if you do not know how to get rid of the stink of it, seafood dishes will become tasteless and unattractive to the eaters. The following are some tips which after you read, we can assure that you will not have to worry about that stink problem.

How to get rid of the stink of cuttlefish:

Cuttlefish are the kind of seafood that many women do not want to process. However, tip to process and get rid of the stink of them is very simple.

Tea leaves are the recipe for getting rid of the stink of seafood. It has the same effect on cuttlefish, after getting rid of the stink; they only have the particular aroma.

To get rid of the stink of cuttlefish, you put a pinch of dried tea leaves in cold water. You do not need to use much water because cuttlefish will secrete it. Boil the water, when tea leaves rise, put fresh cuttlefish into the pot and take them out when water is boiling again. Now you can cook some dishes like: stir-fried cuttlefish fried or steamed cuttlefish stuffed with meat, etc. Cuttlefish will be very aromatic and not secrete water when being cooked. If you want to boil cuttlefish, you can add a little seasoning, monosodium glutamate and boil them in a longer time to assure they are well done.

Moreover, to get rid of the stink, many women shares that we can aromatize cuttlefish with sesame oil. You can clean cuttlefish by aromatizing them with sugar in about 3 – 5 minutes. After that, wash them carefully with water so that they are no longer stinking. If you want to stir-fry cuttlefish, pour a little wine into the pan when they are nearly well done. Wine will get rid of the stink of cuttlefish and make them more delicious.

How to get rid of the stink of cuttlefish:

How to get rid of the stink of shrimp:

If shrimps are not cleaned and removed the black lines on their backs as well as the waste in their heads, they will not have the stink but the smell of urine.

How to get rid of the stink of shrimp:

Therefore, you should notice to cut shrimp feelers and tails then clean them. You can also steep them in water diluted with a little salt, sugar and white wine in order to get rid of their stink. After that, take them out and leave them to drain. By this method, when being cooked, shrimps will be tough, crispy and not stinking.

How to get rid of the stink of shellfish:

After buying shellfish, women usually just steep them in water so that they discharge mud and mucus. However, that way cannot get rid of the stink.

To kinds of shellfish such as: medium-sized edible snail, small edible snail, sweet snail, etc., after steeping them in water to remove sand and soil, you continue to steep them in rice water; shellfish will secrete much mucus and lose their stink. By this method, the outer shells of shellfish will also be clean.

How to get rid of the stink of shellfish:

When boiling shellfish, you should add guava leaves (or swatted citronella) and slices of chili, shellfish will be aromatic, clean and not stinking. Qua Ngon restaurant would like to share more information: when boiling shellfish, you can also line lemon leaves underneath shellfish so that they are aromatic, which means they are not stinking anymore.

Moreover, some people mix shellfish with ferment before boiling them. This method can also remove the stink and help them discharge mud.

How to get rid of the stink of crab:

Crabs are a delicious type of seafood that many people love. But when cooking them, crabs sometimes have the stink and smell of urine.

How to get rid of the stink of crab:

To get rid of the stink of crabs in cooking, you should use two spices: they are white wine and ginger juice. Mince ginger and squeeze its juice. When aromatizing crabs, for each kilogram of crabs, you should add a coffee-spoon of ginger juice diluted with other spices. After aromatizing, when cooking crabs, you should add 1 – 2 coffee-spoon of white wine in order to get rid of the stinks and make them more aromatic.

How to get rid of the stink of sea fish:

You can only decrease the stink of sea fish but not completely remove the particular stink. Therefore, when processing fish, you need to remove blood in their body, especially the blood remaining at the backbone because fish will be very stinking if you do not remove all the blood. Remove the fish gills and fins and clean the black film in their belly.

You should wash fish carefully for several times. If fish are too stinking, you can steep them in rice water or salt water in 15 minutes, then wash them again with clean water and leave them to drain before cooking them.

How to get rid of the stink of sea fish

Or after processing fish, you can wash them with water diluted with wine or add a little white wine when cooking fish. When steeping fish in water diluted with wine, you have to steep quickly and take them out. Remember not to steep fish directly in wine!

Tea leaves can also get rid of the stink of sea fish very well. For example, when you braise mackerel, put a layer of dried tea leaves at the bottom of the pot and a layer on the surface of fish. Fish will be aromatic, firm and very delicious.

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