“Method for getting rid of duck meat odor” tip. How to get rid of duck meat odor. We would like to share with you how to get rid of duck meat odor in order to help you cook more delicious and attractive dishes. Duck meat is usually smelly; therefore, during cooking, if you do not know how to get rid of duck meat odor, it will be less attractive. Ginger and white wine are two enemies of duck meat. If you massage duck with crushed ginger or rub it with white wine, its odor will disappear. But if you do not have these two materials at home, there is another method simpler and cheaper to get rid of uneasy smell of duck: using salt and vinegar. Mix these two materials then rub the mixture outside and inside of the duck so that it is not smell when you are eating. If you do not have vinegar, you can use lemon juice to replace.

Tip to get rid of odor duck meat

Male duck meat has less fat then female duck meat. You should not choose too young ducks because it takes much time to pull out their hair and their meat is very smelly. If the duck is too old, its meat is very hard. When you stew it for too long, it will lose its sweetness. Qua Ngon restaurant would like to share more information: A good duck is one with dense hair, round breast, belly full but not paunchy. Ducks with paunches are those produce eggs many times, which are not good.

Get rid of ordor duck meat

Ducks suit ginger very well. If you do not have much time to cook or you are not good at cooking, you can only choose a good duck and boil it (put duck in the pot when water is boiling), then you chop it into pieces and serve with ginger fish sauce. That is enough to have a greatly delicious dish.

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