With these 12 tips, it is certain that you can cook more attractive and nutritious dishes for your family.

Tip 1: Try to diversify the dishes with meat and vegetables. It will make your meal more interesting with more flavors, fiber as well as colors. Prepare all the raw materials before you cook.

Tip 2: Wash kinds of vegetables with big leaves first so that they have time to drain before you stir-fry them.

Tips vegetable wash

Tip 3: Place each kind of vegetables cut or sliced in a tray, bowl or plate; by this way, you will not forget anything. But remember not to mix them because it will take you much time to classify them.

Tip 4: Leave tofu to drain before cooking it because it will absorb spices very well.

Tip 5: When pouring oil into the pan to make stir-fried dish, you should let it flow over the side of the pan.

Tip 6: When making fried dishes, to check whether oil is hot, you can simply dip the chopstick into the oil. If you see boiling bubbles around the chopstick, you can fry food then.

Crispy Tips

Tip 7: You should not use thick soy sauce unless it is listed in the formula. If the formula only demands soy sauce, you should use thin soy sauce or Japanese soy sauce like Kikkoman.

Tip 8: If you stir-fry vegetables, you should stir-fry hard parts first, then the leaves later. Kinds of vegetables such as cauliflowers, carrots, cabbages need to be cooked longer than spinach; then spinach needs to be cooked longer than green sprouts and Indian beans.

Tip 9: If you are not sure what vegetables and meat should be stir-fried together, stir-fry each material separately, and do not let them burnt.

Delicious sauteed Tips

Tip 10: If you can estimate the amount of spices, make ready sauce for using for a long time. By this way, you will not have to wash many plates after meals.

Tip 11: If you want, use sugar as s spice instead of monosodium glutamate because it is not good for your health and your family’s.

Tip 12: General rate of mixing corn meal with water is 1 : 2; for example, one spoon of corn meal per 2 spoon of water is enough.

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