Cooking tips – Mushrooms are a nutrient-rich food, but if we do not cook them in a right way, they will lose its nutrients, and natural delicious, crispy and sweet taste.

Below are some cooking tips to cook mushrooms deliciously:

Fresh mushrooms:

1. Before cooking, you should shave mushrooms clean, steep them in diluted salt water in about 15 minutes then rinse them so that they will be aromatic and no longer slimy.

2. You should not cut mushrooms too early before cooking because the cut parts will turn into black through contact with air. We can use lemon juice to remove the black marks; however, mushrooms’ taste will change more or less.

Fresh mushrooms

3.When stir-frying mushrooms, you should not stir-fry them immediately because they will be shrunk and not delicious. You can dip them in hot water and leave them to drain then cook them. This method helps mushrooms keep their original shape and after cooking, mushrooms are still round and pleasant to the eye.

4. When you cook mushrooms with other food, you should put them in when the food is nearly cooked so that they can keep their crispiness and shininess.

5. You should not use aluminum pan to cook mushrooms because aluminum will make them change color.

Dried mushrooms:

1. Steep mushrooms in warm water in about 30 minutes so that they rise evenly. Remember not to use too cold water because mushrooms will rise slowly and unevenly. After that, rinse mushrooms with water, they will not be dry and mouldy.
2. When cooking dried mushrooms, you should put them in at the beginning so that they secrete their sweetness and absorb spices.

Dried mushrooms

3. About peziza, it should be steeped in cold water in order to restore its original shape, and put in when other food is nearly cooked so that it is still crispy and delicious.
4. When you make mushroom powder, you should grind dried mushrooms in coffee grinder, spice mill grinder or liquidizer. Mushroom powder can be used in cooking soup or to increase sweetness of stewed meat water or sauce.

Other types of mushrooms:

1. Enoki mushrooms
You need to be careful when separating each mushroom because they are easily broken and crushed. Wash mushrooms gently and leave them to drain. This is a type of mushroom which is quickly cooked, so you only need to stir-fry them quickly. When you eat hot pot, dip mushrooms in the hot pot as vegetables, dip them gradually as you eat, they will not be too soft.

2. Oyster mushrooms
Before cooking, you should stir-fry mushrooms with a little oil and salt so that they are more aromatic and crispier when you cook them.

Other types of mushrooms

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