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Catering at home – In recent years, the trend set dinner served at home is becoming increasingly popular. Many families are very popular type of banquet in this house because both want to ensure convenience for budget just looking for a cozy atmosphere at the home of his beloved.

Đặt tiệc tại nhà tận nơi

Grasp the needs of customers’ tastes. Too Delicious restaurant has strong deployment model house party serving customers wishing to organize weddings, birthdays, buffets, family gatherings – a friend, a vegetarian feast … not only ensure palatability criteria, food safety, but also contribute to building a cozy atmosphere, close and friendly family.

Đặt tiệc tại nhà tận nơi ở TPHCM

Especially, with many tempting dishes and unique, you can choose according to each menu or buffet dinner is available for a party menu according to your tastes from seafood dishes, specialties, folk for to the rich vegetarian dishes and variety of restaurants. In addition to style, clear business criteria, transparency in service quality with enthusiastic, thoughtful, the most reasonable prices in Saigon sure that will give you peace of mind, satisfaction service options for dinner at our home.

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* Services to a party at our house include:
– Dishes with multiple menu Set menu
– Tables, chairs
– Separated, cups
– Waiter
You have needs, please contact the address below:

(If the restaurant can not be reached, we will give your worker until the consultant)